Customer data privacy policy

Ab Engman Services Oy commits to processing customer data in accordance with the new data protection regulation (GDPR), that came into force on the 25th of May 2018. Below is a description of how your personal data is managed when you send them in via our webpages. There is also information about our customer register and how we manage data in it.

Data that is sent in via our webpages

By submitting a form through our websites, you consent to your information being used by Engman Services for research and marketing purposes. We commit to processing your personal data in accordance with the data regulation and only for the purposes mentioned above. You can remove your data by sending an e-mail to

Customer register

The main purpose of keeping a customer register is management and maintenance of customer relations. The personal data in the register is used for providing services to customers, communication with customers, invoicing of services, collection of payments from customers and advertising and/or direct marketing to customers.

The register may contain the following personal data:

The register may contain e.g. the following information: name, e-mail address, mobile and/or other phone numbers, social security number, purchase and delivery history, contracts, invoices, contact logs. When the customer is a business or organisation the register may also contain the name of the organisation, the name and position of the contact person, the business ID code or the equivalent and the address of the organisation.

Collection of personal data

Data is collected at the beginning of a customer relation or at an evaluation of the relationship directly from the registered individual or possibly, regarding customers that are not natural persons, from the Finnish patent and registration office’s registers.

Data retention policy

Data will be deleted, and the registered person or organisation has the right to have their data deleted, as soon as the customer relation has ended and all the rights and obligations of the registered and the keeper of register have been met. Data can be labeled as archived/not active before this. A longer-term archiving requires that personal data is anonymised or changed into a pseudonym. The register is reviewed continually to avoid storing data that is not up to date.

Management and transfer of personal data

We do not hand over personal data to third parties, except for information that is intended to meet the rights or obligations of the registered or the keeper of register, or if the Finnish authorities requires the information. We do not transfer personal data outside the EU or ETA, except for information intended to meet the rights or obligations of the registered or the keeper of register, or if the Finnish authorities requires the information. Personal data is managed only by persons who, according to their job descriptions, have a reason to do so.

The registered party’s right to review data

The registered party has the right to review all data that is stored about them, and if necessary, make changes in the data. The registered party also has the right make restrictions concerning the ways in which their data can be used for marketing communication.

Contact the keeper of the customer register at:

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